HTML DOM emulation

A small example showing the DOM emulation feature to see the changes a malicious Javascript code would make to the original HTML document.

Analyzing The Blackhole exploit kit

The Blackhole exploit kit is a popular example of the latest malware trying to infect visitors of a website using malicious Javascript.

The ISC blogs about analyzing malicious Javascript from time to time - they also had two entries about this exploit kit:

Those two blog posts show how complex analyzing JS based malware can be - JSDetox tries to make it easier, and this screencast shows how to do it.

Solving the Breaking Point Javascript Obfuscations Contest

BreakingPoint held a Javascript obfuscation contest in 2011.

That contest was one of the inspirations for JSDetox, as I noticed that much of the work needed to deobfuscate the JavaScript code could be automated. Now that JSDetox is available, see how it supports analyzing that kind of obfuscation.